Move to Amend Fort Collins

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We are phasing out this locally-focused website and instead directing our organizing efforts and energies toward our page on the national site. Please visit us there to find out what is happening and to get involved, we look forward to meeting you!

Update: After a couple exciting and productive years as an active Move to Amend affiliate group, those of us most recently working on these issues are taking a bit of time off. We remain committed and supportive of the Movement to Amend, we have just run short on time, energy and volunteers in recent months. That being said, if you or someone you know is ready to dive in with a local Move to Amend affiliate group please let us know! We have lots of support and resources to offer you.

A History of our Group

The Early Days

The first meeting of the “Fort Collins Corporation Separation Movement” took place on Dec 17th, 2011, and was initiated by Daniel Williams. The name came from a call for the separation of corporation and state similar to the historic separation of church and state. With a few weeks of meetings, the group settled on a plan, to get our City Council to pass a resolution calling upon our Federal Congressional delegates to advance a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Plan B, if we failed with City Council, was to take to the streets and get enough petition signatures to put our resolution on the ballot for City elections next year.

After a lot of discussion of various models, from Move to Amend and others, we settled upon a text for our resolution. The “Be it resolved” paragraph would use the two clauses approved in popular referenda in Madison, WI, and Boulder, CO. The version posted here includes the numbers attached to each paragraph to facilitate discussion and revision.

Building Momentum

The next step was to settle on a schedule for our campaign, which would be kicked off by a visit from David Cobb.  We sent a Letter to the Editor at the Fort Collins Coloradoan to announce the whole thing.

We had put up posters for the David Cobb event, and it was well-attended. We had prepared and now we handed out our “press packet“, which consisted of (1) a cover page describing our campaign and the contents of the packet, (2) the text of our proposed resolution, (3) a 550-word “soapbox” opinion piece previously published in the Coloradoan by an unaffiliated Fort Collins resident, and (4) a list of all of the states and municipalities who had already passed resolutions similar to ours, taken from the Move to Amend website.

We also reached out to other groups. We got in touch with the people in Boulder, CO, who had successfully campaigned for the referendum whose text we were quoting in our resolution. And a group of us traveled to hear a talk by Ken Gordon, the founder of the state-wide Clean Slate Now campaign, advocating for candidates who refuse special-interest money.

Resolution Success

Having succeeded in our campaign to pass the resolution through Council in October 2012, we began to look at the road forward. As a part of this, we knew we would have to begin reaching out to more people of all backgrounds and persuasions. In order to appeal to a wider demographic, and be clear that we, as a group, aren’t against corporations or business, in November 2012 we decided to change our name to Move to Amend Fort Collins. This was a natural choice, as we’ve been an active affiliate with Move to Amend since our founding and we share their same values of inclusiveness, diversity, and working toward the root of the problems we all face.

Moving Forward

We continue working toward fixing our broken political system through all channels available, whether it be continuing our dialog with our legislators, writing letters and soapboxes to the newspaper, or activating and educating the people at the grassroots.